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A relaxing atmosphere and personal attention characterize the feel of our treatment centers. We don’t schedule appointments but give you a visiting time. You will be received as a welcome guest or dear friend, rather than 'just another patient'. Our consultants take their time for you so that you can enjoy our undivided attention. The time is reserved exclusively for you. On average, two to three hours are scheduled so that you can take your time to relax and enjoy your treatment experience.
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Nutrition and Lifestyle

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We have all heard the saying, “You are what you eat”. As simple as this sounds, there is much more truth behind that statement than many are aware of. Researchers and scientists continue to uncover the therapeutic role of individual nutrients in the prevention and treatment of disease. The field of clinical nutrition has evolved into a practice that is increasingly incorporated into mainstream medical treatment. We believe diet is the foundation for healing, which is why we incorporate nutrition and lifestyle assessment into all of our programs.


Our nutritionists practice functional and integrative nutrition. Functional Nutrition is the unique, advanced practice of nutritional assessment and intervention at the cellular and molecular levels, and has emerged from the field of Functional Medicine. It is an integrative discipline that focuses on chronic disease prevention and restoring wellness through foods, nutrients, and lifestyle choices.
Living a healthy lifestyle involves more than diet and nutrition. Our practitioners will guide you in the areas of physical activity, work and home environment (natural living), sleep, dental health, and other lifestyle factors.

We make you feel better

Let us show you how small changes in your lifestyle can make you feel better and help promote optimal health.


The Infusio treatment for Lyme disease utilizes the Five Steps To Health in order to restore you immune function and help rid your body of harmful bacteria and parasites. We use whole body thermography to make your pain visible and use neural therapy to test your nervous system response to our treatment. This integrative approach may also incorporate biological dentistry and bodywork. We feel very strongly that the treatment of Lyme disease needs to be a multi-level approach in order to address all aspects of your symptoms.

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The Penthouse
435 North Bedford Drive
Beverly Hills, CA-90210
Call: +1 (888) 605 6579
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