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A relaxing atmosphere and personal attention characterize the feel of our treatment centers. We don’t schedule appointments but give you a visiting time. You will be received as a welcome guest or dear friend, rather than 'just another patient'. Our consultants take their time for you so that you can enjoy our undivided attention. The time is reserved exclusively for you. On average, two to three hours are scheduled so that you can take your time to relax and enjoy your treatment experience.
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Intergrative Dentistry

The Infusio Concept / Prevention / Intergrative Dentistry

Integrative dentistry involves more than just looking at your teeth. A biological dentist will consider how issues in your mouth can play a major role in your overall health. Biological dentistry recognizes the close connection between dental health and such areas as nutrition, body structure such as the temporo-mandibular joint structure, the cranio-sacral fluid system of the body as well as the immune system and central nervous system. Much care must be taken as to which materials are used in the mouth. In biological dentistry we implement treatment methods that have the least amount of side effects and that are based on natural products, where possible.

We are also very conscious of the kinds of chemicals we use in our office. This includes the cleaning agents and other products used in dentistry. Practicing integrative dentistry, we want to avoid any toxic chemical exposure to our staff and patients. It has been proven that many of our chronic health problems may be caused by damage from dental fillings, root canals, diet and environmental toxins. Another aspect of biological dentistry is recognizing the role cavitations play in disease. Cavitations are pockets of infection in the jaw. These can be remnants of past dental procedures.


Amalgam is a blend of soft metals commonly used for dental fillings or bondings. This metal cocktail contains toxic substances such as mercury and has been the object of much debate regarding how it may negatively impact our health. As a result, many patients choose to have all the amalgams removed from their teeth. This is something we also recommend, especially when dealing with chronic health issues and cancer. When removing amalgams we use specific protocols to avoid increased exposure to the patient and dental staff.

The Removal Protocol

The Safe Amalgam Removal Protocol is comprised of over 30 steps that have to be observed i.e. using a rubber dam to prevent swallowing amalgam particles and IV chelation of toxic metals in the blood stream in order to minimize the toxic exposure to the patient.