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A relaxing atmosphere and personal attention characterize the feel of our treatment centers. We don’t schedule appointments but give you a visiting time. You will be received as a welcome guest or dear friend, rather than 'just another patient'. Our consultants take their time for you so that you can enjoy our undivided attention. The time is reserved exclusively for you. On average, two to three hours are scheduled so that you can take your time to relax and enjoy your treatment experience.
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Intravenous Therapies

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Intravenous Therapies

Vitamins and minerals are usually taken in tablet form. Studies show that most of the active ingredients pass through our bodies and are excreted by the kidneys without being used. The so-called ‘bio-availability’ can be greatly increased by intravenous (IV) administration. There are many publications about the IV administration of high doses of vitamin C and other substances to treat a wide variety of diseases. Our IV infusions are a ‘cocktail’ of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and plant extracts created individually for you.

Each Infusio cocktail can be mixed to have a certain effect. They can be invigorating, calming, balancing, or provide pain relief, depending on their composition, and can be used to target your symptoms. This is a an integral part of our cancer therapies and a perfect complement to your bodywork sessions. In fact, most of our treatment protocols include IV infusions. Hence the name ‘Infusio’

The Infusio IV Infusions

Some examples of the Infusio IV infusions: amino acids, chelation therapy, Myers’ cocktail, orthomolecular medicine, ozone therapy, detoxification, Laetrile B17


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