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Regional Hyperthermia

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Regional hyperthermia is used to heat up tumor material causing its metabolism to break down. Tumors do not tolerate temperatures over 41° centigrade. Because of their primitive blood supply, tumors are not able to easily divert heat. The metabolism of tumor cells is different to that of healthy cells. This makes them a target for regional hyperthermia. Using a high power hyperthermia applicator, areas where tumors are present can be targeted. Regional hyperthermia uses short radio waves that penetrate deep into the tissue, heating it up. Healthy cells can easily divert this heat. Cancer cells experience a build-up in heat, which leads to an inadequate supply of oxygen and a depletion of nutrients in the tumor.

As a secondary effect to the hyperthermia, cancer cells form a protein structure on the surface of the cells when heated to a temperature of approx. 105°F. This does not happen with healthy cells. These proteins – known as heat shock proteins – are recognized by the immune system as foreign substances, triggering an immune response that destroys them. Hyperthermia therapy is used in combination with other modalities such as high dose vitamin C, Laetrile (B17) and orthomolecular medicine.

Celsius 42 TCS Hyperthermia

Regional Hyperthermia

Regional Hyperthermia is usually completely painless and has no side effects. It can be used to treat tumors in all areas of the body, including the head.


Tumor size reduction 0
Pain relief 0
Reduce therapy resistance 0
Immune stimulation 0