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Global Diagnostics

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Global Diagnostic Device

Amajor challenge in medicine is the substantial increase of chronically ill patients with multiple ailments. Conventional diagnostics may reveal important indicators of disease, but rarely detect the underlying regulatory blockades hindering the body’s healing. In case of multiple complaints, the question arises: which therapeutic stimulus does the body react to, if at all? Each body part and every body system, whether healthy or diseased, has a specific reaction pattern to weak, external stimuli. On the basis of this reaction pattern, valuable conclusions can be drawn on the state and the functionality of the examined organs and systems.

Global Diagnostic ComposingBased on Vitalfield Technology, a novel method has been developed with which energetic patterns can be measured and visualized. This novel system, Global Diagnostics, automatically records and analyses the patient’s energetic reaction pattern in less than ten minutes.

The analysis covers more than 540 body objects like nerves, muscles, joints, organs etc. and 13 body systems. After the measurement has finished the results are displayed immediately.

Collecting and displaying of bio-energetic data with Global Diagnostics is based on pure physics. Thus, every medical practitioner or therapist benefits from the results, irrespective of his or her therapy methods. Once the unit is connected to the patient it automatically measures and independently analyses.

In 2007, at the University Hospital Graz, Prof. Dr. Martie Truschnig-Wilders, head of the Clinical Institute of Medical and Chemical Laboratory Diagnostics, carried out an independent analysis of patient data provided by German medical doctors. Conventional medical parameters of 44 patients were compared with the respective Global Diagnostics measurement results. Quoting from the study: “For all patients included in the study, the main diagnoses, established by conventional medical methods, were confirmed by the “Global Diagnostics” system: a conclusive correlation between the results of the “Global Diagnostics” measurements and the diagnostic findings established by conventional methods was achieved.”