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Ten Pass Ozone

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Ten Pass Ozone Device

As of this month we are now featuring Hyperbaric Multi-dose Ozone Therapy otherwise know as Ten Pass Ozone at the Infusio European Medical Center using the latest German technology.

Philip Battiade, the founder of Infusio, and highly regarded as an innovator on the healing and medical front, is bringing back from Infusio Frankfurt, Germany an innovative ozone therapy we use in Germany called the “Ten Pass.”


The ‘Ten Pass’ was developed by a senior European Physician, Dr. Johann Lahodney. Dr. Lahodney’s research showed that high dose ozone was helping his patients heal faster from skin wounds, infections, pain, tinnitus and other chronic diseases such a Lyme. His research also suggests that OHT releases stem cells. Other Doctors and patients using Ten Pass are reporting improvement with their lyme disease symptoms, depression, energy levels, sleep quality, herpes, erectile dysfunction and a variety of other medical conditions.


The ozone treatment takes about 2 hours, in which high doses of ozone are given intravenously. Infusio believes the most superior form of delivery, involves removing about 6-7 ounces of blood into a vacuum bottle, pressurizing it with oxygen/ozone gas at a concentration of about 70 mcg/cc and returning it rapidly to the patient. (This is one pass). This process is then repeated 10 times giving you up to 140000 mcg of ozone.

Our medical team likes to give the following advice for your Ten Pass session:

Drink at least 3 cups of water 30 minutes prior to starting each session.

Drink plenty of water just prior to and during the Ten Pass session.

Inform the staff of any medications you may be using, especially any blood thinners such as aspirin.

Before commencing Ten Pass you will receive a short health check Bioscan.

To perform the treatment safely, heparin is used. Heparin can interfere with clotting for up to 12 hours. For this reason, please let us know if you have source of active bleeding such as any fresh wounds, nose bleeds, hemorrhoids, menstruation, etc.

Your blood pressure will be monitored before and sometimes during the session.

Once all ten passes have been received, an IV cocktail containing Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium and B vitamins complete the therapy.

After the procedure a small compression bandage will be applied to the injection site. You must leave this in place for 6hrs to prevent bruising or bleeding.

All of your questions are welcome and will be answered before you start your Ten Pass treatment.


Ten Pass ozone therapy costs $900 per session. This includes our health check, ozone therapy and a Myers’ Cocktail IV to conclude the treatment.

As an introduction to “Ten Pass, ” we are offering a 30% discount on your FIRST Ten Pass Ozone Therapy.

Philip Battiade says, “I have been in awe at what this treatment has accomplished for my patients since my first day using it and I have made it an integral part of most of my treatment programs.” “I m yself have gone through the treatment and I was amazed at how good I felt afterwards.”


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The Penthouse
435 North Bedford Drive
Beverly Hills, CA-90210
Call: +1 (888) 605 6579
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