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A relaxing atmosphere and personal attention characterize the feel of our treatment centers. We don’t schedule appointments but give you a visiting time. You will be received as a welcome guest or dear friend, rather than 'just another patient'. Our consultants take their time for you so that you can enjoy our undivided attention. The time is reserved exclusively for you. On average, two to three hours are scheduled so that you can take your time to relax and enjoy your treatment experience.
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The Infusio Concept / Prevention / Diagnostics

Good diagnostics are essential in making the right choice of methods employed in a successful treatment strategy. As part of the Infusio Concept, we believe that to truly achieve wellness and have the greatest success at treating disease, we must fully understand the individual we are treating. With this in mind, we employ an array of diagnostic methods that give us a full picture of the body and its various systems, from many different perspectives. Gathering pertinent, yet comprehensive data on our clients allows us to choose the most effective treatment strategies. Our choice of diagnostic tools may include standard and advanced laboratory testing of blood, and radiological imaging techniques. In addition to this, we like to include newer diagnostic methods such as whole body themography and ultrasound. Bio-energetic testing can also add more detail to the over-all picture. Traditional techniques from Chinese and European medicine also help to round off the selection of diagnostic procedures helping to create a holistic picture of your health.


Diagnostic methods include:

Standard as well as advanced blood tests: including tests for early signs of cancer, heart disease, kidney function, et al.
Global Diagnostics: advanced energetic testing based on the body’s response to electromagnetic stimuli
Bio-scan: noninvasive blood test
Live blood analysis: indicates microbial activity and immune function
Thermography: a noninvasive imaging procedure which analyzes your heat signature, and is useful in assessing breast disease and various diseases with an inflammatory component
Bio-impedance: a method of assessing body composition, fluid status and cell vitality
Muscle testing: a tool to assess the autonomic nervous system response to various stimuli
Imaging: MRI, CT, Ultrasound, dental X-rays, and thermography listed above, to gain visual data in order to better assess and monitor your condition

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The Penthouse
435 North Bedford Drive
Beverly Hills, CA-90210
Call: +1 (888) 605 6579
Mail: info@infusio.org