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A relaxing atmosphere and personal attention characterize the feel of our treatment centers. We don’t schedule appointments but give you a visiting time. You will be received as a welcome guest or dear friend, rather than 'just another patient'. Our consultants take their time for you so that you can enjoy our undivided attention. The time is reserved exclusively for you. On average, two to three hours are scheduled so that you can take your time to relax and enjoy your treatment experience.
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Aroma Therapy

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Aromatherapy uses essential oils. These have plant-derived fragrances. Almost all aromatic plants contain essential oils. The alleviating effects of fragrances have been known for decades. In 1928 the French chemist Rene Gattefosse developed a healing method on the basis of natural plant scents. Since then, more and more discoveries have been made in the field of aromatherapy. The skilled application of the oils activates the healing power of the body and increases your feeling of well-being. The essential oils can function in two ways, depending on the way in which they are used: affecting the brain directly by binding to nerve endings in the nose; and acting locally when applied to skin.

Deep Relaxation and inner Balance

Aromatherapy is an excellent way to achieve deep relaxation and inner balance. It is also used to reduce pain, inflammation and to promote healing.

The essential oils of aromatherapy are especially effective in the relief of psychosomatic symptoms such as insomnia, depression, anxiety or stress.

Based on your particular symptoms, an individual selection of fine exotic essential oils is mixed with carrier oil. This warm oil is gently massaged into the skin. This treatment can be invigorating or calming, depending on the composition of the mixture. Aromatherapy is excellent for the treatment of pain.


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The Penthouse
435 North Bedford Drive
Beverly Hills, CA-90210
Call: +1 (888) 605 6579
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