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  • Foundational Approach
  • Includes SVF Cell Therapy
  • Reverse Cell Damage
  • Individualized Therapies
  • Cell Repair Treatments
  • Strengthen Immune Response
  • Medical Consultation
  • Infusio’s 5 Steps to Health
  • Follow Up

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A New Look at Lyme

It’s time to take a new look at Lyme disease. The days of a speedy diagnosis and simple dose of antibiotics are over. Lyme disease has mutated into a pandemic of uncertainty and suffering for thousands of people around the globe. The challenges range from uncertain diagnostics to ineffective treatments.

Lyme Disease is a multi-faceted, systemic disease requiring a multilevel integrative approach. Infusio takes a new look at Lyme and has designed a program to take into account multiple aspects of Lyme disease and addresses these on multiple levels from foundational optimization to neurological and structural repair.

The Integrative Lyme Program

The Integrative Lyme Program is a 12-month program. It is made up of a 2-week period at one of the Infusio treatment centers, a 4-month home program followed by a 4 day follow up treatment at the center. After which you receive and optimized home care support for another 8 months. Each part of the treatment is designed to support the different stages of development experienced during the program.  

The initial treatment consists of 10 days of supportive therapies such as medical consultations, intravenous treatments, immune modulation, bodywork, nutritional counseling, lymphatic drainage, and biophotomodulation. Typically, after 8 days of supportive treatments, patients are scheduled for a procedure day to receive SVF cell therapy.

The second phase of treatment is a 4-month home program. This focuses on restoring digestive and immune health. We see this as an important stage as it helps optimize the immune system, reduce inflammation, restore the intestinal flora and help the body develop digestive enzymes such as DAO. During this time, patients follow the prescribed diet, ingest soluble fiber, take specific probiotic supplements, perform castor oils packs, take supplements such as zeolite clay, receive methylation support and keep a daily routine of breathing and relaxation exercises. Weekly follow up phone calls can be scheduled to talk to an Infusio team member. This weekly phone call is to allow you to ask any questions about any symptoms or changes you are experiencing after therapy. The team member can offer help and advice and can relay any medical questions to the medical team. Every week, you also receive helpful tips, recipes, interesting articles and encouraging pep-talks via email from our team.  

Phase three is the follow up appointment. Patients return for a 4 day follow consultation and some IV treatments.  In order to support the progress of the SVF cell therapy, our patients also receive autologous cytoimmunotherapy (ACT).

The home program continues as an optimized home care support regime. During you follow up appointment, you will receive further instructions regarding supplements to take and any other supportive measure needed. During this phase, we often recommend the use of a histamine scavenger. This is because mast cell activity and histamine production can increase while changes occur in the neurological system. As many Lyme patients also suffer from kryptopyrroluria (KPU), or more precisely hemopyrrollactamuria (HPU), supportive supplements may be needed. These may include specific supplements containing zinc, vitamin B6 and manganese as well as binders to help remove metals and support detoxification pathways.

The Integrative Lyme Support Program includes a specific number of diagnostics, therapies and treatments. However, there may be modifications to the type of therapy, number of treatments and their duration. Each patient receives an individualized treatment program. This will depend upon your individual health assessment as indicated by our medical team. The 10-day regimen is intensive and lasts approximately six hours each day.

Additional treatments may be added to the therapy. These treatments are not part of the program and will be at an additional cost, quoted prior to the application of the treatment.

Infusio Treatments

Below are the treatments that make up the Infusio Lyme Protocol. It is through these treatments that we optimize the immune system, repair and reverse cell damage, and help the body to heal itself.


Relieve pain, promote deep muscle relaxation and blood circulation while stimulating muscle and metabolic function to support healing
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Replace a broad range of vitamin deficiencies, boost vitamin levels in the body, and increase bio availability of essential nutrients directly through the blood stream.
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Repair, restore, and regenerate damaged tissue.
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Delivers high levels of oxygen to the bloodstream to regenerate tissue, reduce oxidative stress, pain and inflammation, and promote release of stem cells
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Support and restore thymus function, improving immune system
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increases the amount of oxygen delivered to your blood to promote healthy tissue function, decrease healing time, minimize injury and help fight infection.
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Deliver infrared light to the body to encourage cell growth to improve tissue repair, reduce oxidative stress, pain and inflammation.
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The Lymphatic system is the body’s drainage system. Nutrients and waste from the cells are transported through the lymphatic system. Lymphatic drainage helps reduce cellulitis, swelling, and water retention. It is also used to assist in detoxification.

This active release technique is used to aid healing and stimulate muscle and metabolic function while relieving pain and promoting deep muscle relaxation

Global Diagnostics is an alternative whole body scanning and treatment system from Germany based on bioenergetics
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This formula contains minerals, vitamins and amino acids to support cell function, regulated detoxification, emotional health and restorative sleep. It’s designed to enhance pur IV supportive therapies.

Our specialist will analyze how hormonal imbalances can be addressed in order to promote better metabolism and emotional health as well as neurotransmitter function

Using the raw data from 23andME® our team determines up to three basic supplements to support your genetic SNPs.




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