The primary goal of our Infusio treatment programs is to help people heal from chronic degenerative illness so they can restore their quality of life. We are pleased to share below some of our patient success stories directly from our patients themselves.


We understand what patients endure on their search for restored health, and would like you to walk away from these patient testimonials with one thing in mind, that no matter how difficult the journey, there is hope.




Infusio Review Angela

Seeking treatment from Infusio is one of the best decisions I have ever made! I am pleased to say that after having a chronic illness for 12+ years, I finally feel like I’ve gotten my life back and am feeling better than ever.

The doctors, nurses and staff are all excellent! The clinic in Germany exceeded my expectations. Everything went nice and smooth and I felt very well taken care of during my stay. I highly recommend Infusio!

Infusio Reviews Jan Five Star Review

My husband had Lyme, and came close to succumbing to Lyme.  After the 10 actual days of treatment he started feeling better right away, and has been continuing to feel better and better since his treatment 14 months ago.  Very cutting edge, non-toxic, great people!  Can’t say enough!

Infusio Reviews Karen Five Star

I was bedridden for 1.5 years. After going through Infusio’s Lyme Disease program, I am now a part of the living world again. I highly recommend them. Thank you Infusio!

Infusio Frankfurt Reviews Crystal

Best medical experience of all times. Wonderful staff. Excellent results, well worth far more than they charge for every service they offer. We will return to this or any of Infusio’s offices as soon as we can for any health care!

Infusio Review A

Infusio made my son well. I will never be able to thank them enough for my Charlie! They treated us better than we have ever been treated in a medical office here in he states. Charlie was very sick from Lyme we really didn’t feel he would live much longer. Today he is a normal 20 year old and back to good health!!

Infusio Reviews Tara

Infusio has exceeded every expectation I ever had about the treatment and the clinic.

I received my treatment last summer and my life after it will change forever. I have had lyme for nearly five years. The care I got over in Germany was exceptional. Every member of staff in Infusio are all so warm and caring, I cannot thank them enough for the level of care I received over there and since I have came back home to Ireland.

I am still in the neuro-healing phase but I am improving and getting stronger everyday and to finally have energy back again and to start to live my life again is something I am so grateful and thankful for.

Bijan the doctor is so kind and he has really helped me when I was in desperate need of help. Irish doctors don’t have the same knowledge about lyme so I count my blessings everyday for the Infusio team and all my amazing nurses.

Every team member is  as important as each other and they have made my healing journey amazing and I can never  thank them enough .
Going to Infusio has truly been the best decision I have made in my life .

Infusio Frankfurt Review W. M.

Stellar. Brilliant medical team led by Phil B and Dr. Kim, and a top notch support staff. Most cutting edge treatment available. Consider yourself lucky if you can get treatment here.

Reviews of Infusio Mathew Five Star Review

The protocol here is genius! I would recommend to my friends, family or anybody considering a holistic approach for their health.

Infusio Reviews Sue

After many, many years suffering from Lyme disease, and being misdiagnosed, Infusio’s treatment got me through it. I can’t say enough about the care and attention I got while there, and the quality of their program is beyond what I expected.

UPDATE: I’m a little more than a year post stem cell treatment, and most of my Lyme symptoms are gone.

Infusio is still working with clearing out the last of the damage Lyme did to my system. It’s pretty incredible to come back from it, and I appreciate having a doctor who understands what I was up against, and can do something about it.

Infusio Reviews Scott Five Star Review

I cannot say enough about Infusio Frankfurt. The people here are so caring, so attentive, and by the time you’re ready to leave they feel like family.

My gf has Chronic Lyme disease, body pains, fatigue, and variety of hard to manage systemic troubles. We were referred to Infusio in Germany by Dr. Whitney at Infusio Beverly Hills.

We spent 16 days in Frankfurt and 10 days of treatment and lab visits, etc.

Lead Practitioners Joachim and Helene are super nice and have great positive healing attitudes towards the treatments.

Nadine the Therapy Tech was super nice and the best at getting veins.

Pia, Marc, Lisa and the office staff were usually very helpful and always friendly.

All around clinic gem Elke made amazing bone broths, was extremely attentive to both patients and their supporters. She is the heart of the operation.

While driver, concierge, and fantastic gentleman Bodgan is the soul. He keeps is funny, tends to the traveling patients night and day, and makes sure we always get where we need to go in a strange and new city.

Sure it costs a fortune and its someone future health on the line, but Infusio becomes family. They care and provide a positive, loving, spa-like calm environment so that people can heal.

This is not a traditional hospital or doctors clinic. It is a place of great love and healing.

Thank you so much. All of you.

Infusio Review Christine Testimonial

I had a good experience with this clinic and owe them credit for helping me get to 85% better. I had chronic Lyme, co infections, and many autoimmune symptoms. The treatment process went well and the clinic was amazing.

Staff was friendly and professional. Never had issues with the staff and always were accommodating to my needs especially when switching my procedure time since I was commuting from OC.

Treatment wasn’t instant but it took a solid year to see good improvements. I’ve sent friends and family to this clinic and highly recommend them. I would do it all over again if I had to..

I was in terrible shape before going and they really helped me to get a huge portion of my life back. I have to work on a few things separately from infusio to reach my 100%!

I just wanted to say thank you to the Infusio team, Dr Kim, and of course Phil for putting this awesome program together! We need more researchers like you to look outside the box!

Infusio Reviews Amanda Testimonial

I came to infusio after battling tick borne illness for over seven years!

I had tried everything from homeopathy, pulsed antibiotics with one of the leading llmd in the country, functional medicine (which has its limits in the state of Maryland) as well as many other integrative medicine protocols.

For the first time in seven years I am beginning to live my life again.  While I’m only on day 84 and know I have months of healing ahead, what I have now is renewed  hope.

The staff at infusio was like family.  I felt so understood and cared for and safe.  The treatments were very tolerable including the svf extraction.     If anyone I know is diagnosed w tick borne illness or any other autoimmune disease that has not responded to treatment, I would run, not walk, to Infusio and let them get your body to work as it should and fight off disease!

Immune function is key!  I had no immune system left.   Now I’m rebuilding and am so optimistic that I have scheduled another family member for treatment this year.   Forever grateful!

Infusio Patient Testimonials Dev Review

Well… all I can really say is that after 10 years of being miserable and sick… I’m getting back to my life. I am 4 months post stem cells and everyday there are improvements. I have lived for 10 years with Lyme and confections and it has essentially ruined my life.

When I got there I was well taken care of, the staff were friendly and they have followed up all of my questions since I have been home. I live in Canada but they have still called me at least 5 times without me even asking them to for a follow up to ensure I am okay.

I think Infusio really saved my life. Every body is different and the treatment works differently for everyone in terms of healing time, etc. but honestly… my life was in ruins before and I’m building it back up.

Before I couldn’t walk around a store and now I’m walking for hours with my dogs. I feel great and I still have time to go in my healing! Thanks Phil and team for making it possible to survive.

Infusio Patient Testimonials H. C. Review

A few years ago, a friend introduced me to Infusio because of their integrative health treatment.  Some of my issues have been insomnia and fatigue.  They began with the global diagnostic scan to detect my medical issues and then prescribed my treatments.  Thymus Therapy, Myers Cocktail, and other IVs were prescribed.

I am happy to report that slowly but surely, the quality of my life has improved regarding my sleep and energy level.  I try to return to Infusio when I can for additional treatments.  Recently, my hypertension was addressed and Dr. Phil prescribed supplements.

Again, I am happy to report that my recent physical showed that my blood pressure was normal.  What more can I say, but that if you want to improve the quality of your life, Infusio will have a treatment for you.  The serene atmosphere and lovely views of Beverly Hills are an added bonus.  I can’t wait to return!

Infusio Frankfurt Germany Review F. W. Testimonial

I was treated at Infusio in 2016 for late stage Lyme Disease.

I had severe fibromyalgia from seven years of tissue, muscle and nerve damage. My pain was excruciating, my immune system was no longer working and I was severely autoimmune. Babesia had also badly affected my nervous system.

Although I feel extremely lucky to be in remission, I credit the founder of Infusio, Philip Battiade, for saving my life. Literally. I am an extremely hopeful and happy person, but the disease did me in after so many years being misdiagnosed, that I had given up on life completely.

I believed, and always believed, that the body could heal itself, but I knew I was beyond repair without the right treatment. Once I understood immune modulation and stem cell therapy completely, the entire foundational process made complete sense to me, and for the first time I had hope, although I didn’t expect a miracle.

My recovery was long and hard, about twelve months, but certainly no more difficult than what I endured living with Lyme. Over time, the stem cells and immune modulation, repaired the damage that was done.

I have been in remission since the end of 2016 and completely out of pain since mid 2017. I also no longer test positive for any autoimmune markers. I am beyond grateful for Infusio, and my life.

Infusio Patient Testimonials Leigh-Ann Revie

I just completed my 10 day treatment at Infusio Beverly Hills.  I truly had a wonderful experience.

I went into treatment with a lot of fears and anxieties.  As someone who has reacted badly to many medications and treatments in the past I was concerned that the same would happen with the many IV’s I would be given at Infusio.

I am happy to say that none of my fears came true. After day 1 of treatment at Infusio I felt at ease.

The team of nurses, doctors, and staff at Infusio make you feel right at home.

The stem cell extraction was painless for me.  As weird as it may sound the procedure day was an enjoyable one.  Dr. K’s supportive and caring nature made me feel really safe and comfortable.

They put on my favourite music in the operating room and we were chatting and even singing the entire time!

Infusio doesn’t for a second feel like your typical medical clinic.  It is bright, welcoming, and feels like a second home.

If you are considering Infusio for medical treatment I would encourage you to attend this clinic to get your life back.

My life was brought to a very harsh stop in many ways about 9 months ago, and I could not figure out what was causing so much debilitating pain & symptoms. But, I was one of the “lucky” ones that actually stumbled into discovering I had Lyme. I know many people go a long time before figuring out the real problem.

After finally figuring out what I was dealing with, I started searching what I could do for treatment, as many people do. I found the Texas Lyme Association, and one person who had gone to Infusio after trying many other treatments.

So after badgering the Lyme Association with a million questions, my wife & I decided we had to go to Beverly Hills. I felt miserable when I got there. But I now feel closer to normal now than I have in a long time; and I really feel that I’m continuing to feel better every day.

Phillip at Infusio, is without a doubt one of the smartest humans Ive ever met. I am so thankful that we have him in our country helping people that are in real pain with this awful disease. All of the staff members were great!

I know that people suffering from this disease will look for any hope they can for treatment. Our “medical system” doesn’t have much of an answer for this disease. And I know it may not be appropriate for any person to say that they have found a “cure”….but I will say, that I get up and go to work every day now, and I can function normally, which I could not do just a few months ago.

Infusio really helps people, when there isnt a lot of hope available. I would highly recommend them to anyone. We are very fortunate to have them here in the U.S.