Infusio Elite

Infusio Elite is a Private Membership Association.

Quite often when a patient is exploring integrative medical options, they run into restrictions as to what practitioners can offer them, both in treatments and in supplementation. Our goal with Infusio Elite is to offer our members information on the most advanced and innovative treatments available and products that will support your healing.

By joining the Infusio Elite private association, we are free to serve our members with the help they need and give them the opportunity to decide on their own health options. This is because the First and 14th Amendment and equivalent provisions of the State Constitutions give you the right to associate with fellow members and receive exclusive member benefits. Joining our Private Membership Association is opening the full spectrum of Infusio services to you.

To become a lifetime private member, we ask that you read and complete our membership agreement. Once you agree to the conditions of membership, you will be asked to render a one-time membership fee of $40 to complete the application. As a member, our practitioners and staff (also private members) can offer you comprehensive treatment options and the ability to purchase the proper supplements that you may need.

Welcome to Infusio Elite!