Cancer Stories of Hope Karen

Cancer Stories of Hope: Karen


Karen shares her experience battling cancer and finally finding hope at Infusio. Karen had stage IIIB cervical cancer which metastasized into Karen’s Lungs. When her cancer journey started, she was doing chemotherapy and radiation.

After 35 high dose radiation treatments, which took a major toll on her body both physically and mentally, she lost hope. Karen says it was extremely hard on her and there were times during the chemo treatment when she didn’t know whether she would make it through. With a 10% success rate, Karen wanted to find other cancer treatment options. 

Karen found Infusio through the documentary Cancer Can Be Killed. She enrolled in the program in early 2018. She says she found hope in Infusio because of the special care, individualized treatment, mind body medicine, cutting edge treatments, the very accommodating staff and spa like environment. 

Stay tuned for more updates on Karen’s Cancer Recovery story.


Originally posted 2018-06-07 07:09:32.