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Lyme Disease Stories: Leigh Ann

Leigh Ann in for ACT and follow up after stem cells is doing well. She has been feeling better and better after receiving stem cells. As her symptoms improve, Leigh Ann is able to...

Lyme Disease Stories: Philip

Phil, was diagnosed with Lyme and co-infection twenty years ago. When there seemed to be no hope, he knew he had to do something different which is why he came to Infusio. Now...

Lyme Disease Stories: Lisa

Lisa contracted tick-borne illness years ago when she was only sixteen years old. Throughout High School and early adulthood she struggled with the illness. She now has...

Lyme Disease Stories: Victoria

Victoria is here for her 100 day follow up, which is going well so far. Approximately two years after being infected, and after struggling to find a diagnosis, and answers from other...

Lyme Disease Stories: Ninon

Ninon, who is in her 6th month post stem cell treatment, discusses how Infusio has hepled to bring her relief her many symptoms including joint pain, fatigue, and other issues...

Lyme Disease Stories: Sara

Sara, currently at Infusio for ACT, is happy with the support she has received at Infusio, and shares a quick message about her experience here. Sara has had success here at Infusio...

Lyme Disease Stories: Renee

Renee, post ACT, who has seen significant improvments in her health, discusses her experience, challenges she’s overcome with the help of Infusio, and her lyme disease journey...

Lyme Disease Stories: Heidi

Heidi elaborates on her journey and experience with the Infusio Lyme Treatment Program, and discusses her mindset on healing. Her experience with the Integrative Lyme...

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