Cellular Optimization


At Infusio, cellular optimization includes optimizing diet with nutritional consults, adding in quality supplementation with nutraceuticals and herbal medicine, and high doses of minerals, vitamins and amino acids via intravenous infusions. These high doses of nutrients can have a pharmacological (drug-like) effect. The net effect is an optimization of the function of the immune system and the metabolism.


Our body needs proper nutrients in order for it to function in an ideal way. The food we eat should supply us with all the substances we need to stay healthy. Unfortunately, finding good quality, healthy food can be a challenge. Also, surprisingly few people know how to prepare food to make a balanced, nutritious meal. Processed food, mass-produced food and fast food all make obtaining food cheap and easy. The question we should ask is if this is sacrificing quality for quantity.

If you are going to make someone well, you have to give them all the things they need to get there - Philip Battiade

Bad eating habits are the main cause of many common diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. In addition to this, environmental stresses to our body deplete us of minerals, vitamins and amino acids. Coffee, certain forms of medication, and exposure to EMF are all thought to inhibit our body's ability to absorb nutrients, causing mineral and vitamin depletion.

Cellular Optimization means giving the body the nutrients it needs to regain healthy function. This involves altering our diet and learning which foods are beneficial and which are harmful to our present health condition. Additionally, high doses of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements are given intravenously. By doing this, we bypass the gastrointestinal tract, putting the nutrients directly into the blood stream. Researchers such as Dr. John Myers and Linus Pauling have all discussed the health benefits of using this method. The theory being that by increasing the concentration of nutrients in the blood stream, these are literally forced into the cells. It is also known that vitamins and minerals can exert a pharmaceutical effect when given in high enough doses. One example is the use of high dose vitamin C in cancer therapies and its use as an anti-bacterial and anti-viral drug. For this reason, we classify cellular optimization as one of the Five Steps To Healing, when treating illnesses.

Five Steps to Health

The Infusio concept involves a 5-Step integrative approach to overcome health disorders. Regardless of what disease we help you to fight, we feel that these components form the core pillars of a successful therapy. Our motto is “Innovation through integration”.