3 Ways Intravenous (IV) Supplements Promote Wellbeing

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3 Ways Intravenous (IV) Supplements Promote Wellbeing Supplements, including vitamins (e.g., vitamin C) and minerals (e.g., magnesium), are essential to ensure what is called homeostasis—the natural and normal functions of cells and tissues. Like any great formula or recipe, having the right amount and quality of ingredients is a key to success. Maintaining good health is no different—we need the correct...

Surgical Optimization

The Importance of Pre-& Post-Surgical Optimization in Cosmetic Surgery

One of the primary goals of undergoing cosmetic surgery is naturally to improve one’s beauty. When we think of this journey of achieving an approved aesthetic, it is common to focus on the procedure itself as the sole transforming event. In other words, whether it be liposuction, a face-life, or a breast augmentation, we generally attribute our “new” shape, line,...