An Introduction to the Integrative Lyme Disease Home Program

In this Webinar:

• SVF (Stromal Vascular Fraction) stem cells and Mesenchymal stem cells
• Wallerian degeneration and histmine production
• Re-establishing healthy gut flora with probiotics
• Supplements used in the Infusio Integrative Lyme Home Program


Infusio is dedicated to providing the most innovative Lyme disease treatment to patients. Our team of experts have developed a comprehensive home care program for after the Infusio Lyme disease treatment protocol in Beverly Hills, California in the US and Germany in Europe.

We’ve tracked the progress of our patients who suffer from chronic Lyme disease and these additions after the Lyme program help assist the healing process after SVF (Stromal Vascular Fraction, a form of stem cell therapy), and the intense IV therapy treatments, lymphatic drainage, laser bed treatments, thymus injections, and hyperbaric treatments during your stay at our Infusio Lyme clinics.

The home program addresses the gut and digestive issues experienced by Lyme disease patients. We want to change the intestinal flora. Some bacteria in probiotics produce histamines and while Lyme patients suffer from histamine intolerance, we created a specialized histamine scavenger (different from an anti-histamine) to help with this. Ingredients include aloe vera, quercetin, bromelain (an enzyme found in pineapple), nettle leaf, pine bark, marshmallow root, bitter orange, licorice and black pepper. Zeolite Clay, Psyllium Seeds, KPU Supports, AMPK Enzyme, Methylation Support, and other supportive supplements are included in this program.

We’ve also incorporated nettle tea and oregano tea, castor oil packs (traditional medicine that helps with digestive and liver health), Golden Milk Powder (contains many anti-inflammatory properties and used to support body and mind healing), breathing and meditation techniques.

We’ve also added an ACT (Autologous Cyto-Immunotherapy) treatment, a new approach to individualized immune therapy, for patients months after SVF. It was created to take information found in a patient’s immune system and potentiate its activity. As the body responds to an infection, the immune system develops markers specific to the microbes it is being exposed to. By extracting the cells involved in this process, expanding the information and presenting it back to the immune system, this extract can be used to give selective and individualized responses back to the immune system.