Repair organ and nerve damage 0
Promote healthy immune function 0
Rebuild cartilage and joint damage 0
Restore cellular function 0

What is Stromal Vascular Fraction?

Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) is the most advanced form of regenerative medicine. It is described as the use of tissues, cells, and cell extracts which have the ability to repair, replace or restore biological structures and functions the body may be lacking due to disease, aging, or destruction.

SVF is a complex combination of mesenchymal (repair) and hematopoietic (bloodborne) stem cells, exosomes and transcription factors. The process involves the removal of a patient’s own fat tissue from a specific area. Impurities are removed and the highly concentrated serum is then prepared and re-introduced intravenously causing a systemic response. The cells are able to respond to any weaknesses found in the body, repair organ and nerve damage, and transform to other vital cells necessary to healthy immune function. SVF can also be administered via injection to target specific joint damage and rebuild cartilage in a particular area. This one-two punch of tissue regeneration and immune recalibration is one of the most powerful treatments Infusio offers.