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United Medical Credit Has Helped Thousands Of Applicants Secure Financing For Their Healthcare Procedures Through Our Wide Network Of Healthcare-Focused Lenders.

Proven Track Record

United Medical Credit helps patients secure the funding they need for their healthcare procedures. You can rely on our proven track record, which brings over 30 years of experience in financing healthcare procedures. However, experience doesn’t amount to much without customer satisfaction and we have numerous customers who value our services. Our knowledgeable team is here to support you through every step of the process and we promise to meet or exceed your expectations.

Flexible Options

Many people that need healthcare procedures are not able to afford the entire upfront cost. At United Medical Credit, we believe that you should not have to delay healthcare treatments due to financial limitations. We are here to help, hassle free. Through our network of healthcare-focused lenders, our associates will be able to help you secure the financing that you need, within the time frame you need it. We offer financing options to individuals with good, sub-par and no credit. You can even apply with a co-signer to strengthen your application. No matter what kind of treatment you need or what kind of financial situation you’re in, we want to help you finance your healthcare procedures.

High Standards

Any company can talk about how much they care about their customers and the great results you can expect, but how many can you actually expect to live up to that promise? At United Medical Credit, we pride ourselves in making sure that every individual that applies for financing is treated with utmost care and respect, from start to finish. In fact, customer service excellence is the cornerstone of our company culture. We always encourage applicants to provide feedback on their experience. We value your input and will continue perfecting our services for future clients.

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Medical Bill Gurus Financing

Medical Bill Gurus

In an effort to provide our patients with the best possible services, we always search for services that could add value to you directly. As a result, we wanted to reach out regarding a third-party insurance billing service that may be of assistance to you and/or your loved one based on treatment received at the Infusio Medical Center.


Medical Bill Gurus is a third-party patient advocacy service that assists patients with the complex issues associated with insurance billing and bill preparation of integrative medical providers, such as Infusio.


Recently, Medical Bill Gurus has had great success with collecting reimbursements for patients who received treatment at Infusio and have qualifying private medical insurance, particularly a private PPO insurance policy. If you have received treatment at Infusio within the last 10 months and have qualifying private medical insurance with out of network benefits, Medical Bill Gurus can assist you with preparing, submitting and following up with a medical bill to your insurance company to receive reimbursement for out of pocket medical expenses associated with treatment.


Medical Bill Gurus provides a FREE insurance evaluation to help you understand your health insurance’s coverage and identify the possibility of reimbursement. If Medical Bill Gurus is able to secure reimbursement for treatment, the patient will receive a check directly from the insurance company. Once the funds are deposited, Medical Bill Gurus will send an invoice for a service fee of 20% based on the total amount collected for the patient.

Call Medical Bill Gurus today at 1 (800) 674-7836 or submit your info ONLINE HERE to take advantage of their no-obligation policy/plan evaluation.


Medical Bill Gurus
3000 Lawrence Street Suite #15
Denver, CO 80205
1 (800) 674-7836