Lyme Disease Story Liz

Lyme Success Stories: Liz


Liz shares her Lyme Disease experience and how she was able to find hope and recovery from her debilitating symptoms.

Liz’s battle with Lyme disease began in 2012. She was extremely active, had a great job, and was living a full, healthy life until one day, when she left a workout class feeling terrible. She knew something was wrong. She continued to experience excruciating Lyme symptoms and went undiagnosed for 3 years.

Liz found out about Infusio through a friend who had amazing results from her Lyme treatment and began her own treatment at the Frankfurt clinic of Infusio in 2018.

She says she knew from the first day at Infusio that this was the right fix. She could relax and begin her healing journey.

After having seen countless doctors in New York and going undiagnosed for so long, it was refreshing to have a team of experts helping her recover. “Dr. Bijan and the staff really care about your well-being and health concerns, and provide much more than physical support, it’s spiritual, mental, and emotional support.”

Now that Liz is feeling healthier and is on the road to recovery, she is focused on starting a family with her husband. The couple has been trying to get pregnant for a long time and they were both very excited to hear that Infusio also has a fertility program.

Liz and her husband will do the Infusio fertility program to make sure their bodies are well balanced and in optimum condition. They want to be proactive and make the right health choices to make ensure there aren’t any issues having healthy children.